Parenthood comes with so many responsibilities for our little ones. Are they getting the best nutrition? Are they gaining enough weight? Are they ready to start eating solid foods? What do I feed them? And so on…

We Get It

We understand the struggle and want to make feeding our little ones as easy and healthy as possible. When it comes to our baby’s health, what they eat in their first years is very crucial to their developmental growth.

No Options?

For busy parents like us, it is hard to find time to make fresh and healthy meals for our babies. Unfortunately our options are so limited when it comes to buying baby food. We have either highly-processed food in the jars and pouches claiming to be 100% natural and can sit on the counter for 6months to 1year or powder (unnatural) baby food or baby food with preservatives.

Your Baby's Meals Our Passion

Yummy puree is very passionate about what our little ones consume. We want to make fresh healthy meals easily accessible to all parents. All kids deserve to eat fresh meals like we adults do. We don’t buy meals sitting on the shelf at room temperature for months for ourselves so why should we feed our babies such meals?

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